Submitting Invoices

Submitting An Invoice

If you have been asked to provide an invoice in order to get paid for your gig, follow this template to avoid delays in payment.

Template (Copy & Paste)


Date: (today's date)

Name (Your name)

Address (Your address)

Item: Live music performance

Venue: (Venue Name)

Date (Gig Date)

Bank Details

Account Number

Sort Code

Amount (Your Fee) £____


1. Feel free to copy and paste this text into a text document.

2. Then fill in the details and email it to

3. Save it as a PDF (ideally) or a word document.

4. Feel free to send it a few days before the gig.

5. Also, if you have multiple gigs with Need Music Ltd it saves us a lot of time if you put all the gigs on one invoice.

Thanks for your cooperation. 

Please Note: Need Music Ltd is not responsible if you submit the wrong bank details.


When Do I Get Paid?

- Confirmation of payment to be advised at the time of booking. Please note payment varies between each venue and not all venues pay cash on the day.