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How To Get On The Roster

If you have been invited to join our roster, please gather the following information and send it to


  • Full name, address and phone number.
  • Hi Res photos - preferably of you performing/playing your instrument.

  • 20 song setlist - artist & title of your 20 most popular covers typed up.

  • video URL - ideally 2 Youtube video links showing what you do.

  • Bio - 1-2 sentences describing what it is you do.

  • Testimonials - if you have any testimonials from previous clients this will increase your chances of getting work. Please include client name, venue and date.

  • Last but not least, sign up to the Musician News mailing list so we can send you potential work plus great blog posts that can help you develop.



We do not sign contracts with our artists. However, we do expect you to adhere to the following terms...


As an agency representing musicians for live performance we take a small percentage of the total gig fee, typically between 10-20%.

Whenever we offer you a gig the payment amount will be exactly what you get - there are no hidden fees.


From time to time gigs are unfortunately cancelled last minute which is frustrating for us all. If this happens we will do our best to get you a replacement gig, however this is subject to availability and isn't guaranteed.


Payments are different for each venue. Some are cash pick up, others are by bank transfer and can take up to 30 days. This will be confirmed at the time of booking.

Pay Day

You will only be paid on a Tuesday - this is the pay day for everyone.


You must contact us on the week of your gig to confirm that this is going ahead. Usually Need Music will be in contact to confirm also, however due to the sheer volume of gigs happening at any one time, its easier for you to drop us a quick message.


We expect you to be punctual. You should always be at a venue at least 30 minutes before the start time, set up and ready to play.  Lateness not only has a detrimental affect on your reputation as a reliable artist, but it slashes your chances of being rebooked for the same venue.  It also reflects badly on our company reputation.


This is uncontrollable, but if you need to cancel your gig you must give us as much notice as possible, we'll then be in a position to find a suitable replacement or notify the venue. If nobody turns up at the venue they could cancel all future gigs which effects all of us.

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