Connor // Guitarist

Because Connor plays the guitar in such a unique way, he receives attention wherever he goes! He can play Rock, Pop, Blues & Jazz.

Suitable for

Weddings | Restaurants | Background Music | Corporate | Bars

Testimonial - Newcastle Uni Business School

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for recommending Connor for our events this week. He was absolutely perfect for the event, so talented and such a lovely guy! We had so many people commenting about him and wanting his details."

Laura Watson @ Wylam Brewery, Newcastle


Connor is a self-taught fingerstyle acoustic guitarist. He uses all fingers to play all aspects of a musical arrangement from the base to the melody. At Age 17, Connor is a rare find in his guitar playing abilities and has on occasion been compared to the one and only Tommy Emmanuel.

Connor has had the pleasure of playing with Tommy Emmanuel, Anthony Snape, Ben Hughes and for Albert Lee. He has been playing for only 5 years and his talent was born when his grandad repaired a battered guitar which was found in the garage. Connor took this guitar and hasn’t looked back since, choosing to dedicate hours and hours to the instrument. He currently plays many covers of other popular artists but also enjoys playing originals alongside songs by some of his favourite artists, like Tommy Emmanuel.
Anything from Rock, Pop, Blues and Jazz.

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